The Bishop Stortford Breakfast Club is a unique meeting of the mind of various people coming from all corners of the
business industry.

This diversity has become one of the pillars of our success as we hear different stories, and teachings from almost anything.
We are able to speak, mingle, collaborate with members — whose knowledge about their businesses, practices,
and techniques they bring forth to the table for everyone to appreciate and part with.

And we welcome new members, as we aim to grow and expand our network.


Bishop’s Stortford Breakfast Club is run as a not-for-profit networking event.

The attendance fee covers the cost of running the event, including breakfast and refreshments.

“I really enjoyed my first visit to BSBC. Daryl & Paula provided an interesting and educational session…
I met lots of new people, still plenty that I didn’t get to meet so I look forward to next time and to many more.”

Chris Hornby, Anglia Aviation

“For me BSBC is meeting of great professionals who are always willing to help and advise, both experienced and developing business people. Excellent learning with hints and tips from speakers on a broad range of business topics, all topped off with an excellent breakfast.”

John Moore, Asset and Systems

“Well organised informal meetings with great guest presenters and an excellent way of making contacts”

David Whitelegg, Triquetra